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Gabriela Müller

CFO & Partner

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To deal with an unexpected lack of resources and professional employees, whether in the office, administration, marketing or finance / HR management – we have the skills, knowledge and qualified staff you need, on which you have access within a few days.

All of our services are always designed to meet your targets and the specific situation of your company. The advice and support given by our designated experts, both on-site and off-sight, guarantees relief and continuity for your business.

Finance / HR Mgmt.

Financial issues in small and middle-sized companies can often not be dealt within a timely manner for capacity reasons. Trust services offers go beyond the scope of the budget – we have a cost-effective solution.

We support and take on the workload for the desired financial sectors in cooperation with you, such as accounting records, creditors / debitors, payroll accounting / settlement accounting and insurance personnel issues. Whether for the management of your entire financial sector or a part thereof – highly qualified business administrators are at your disposal.

Your staff is your most important asset – coordination, resource planning as well as communication are deciding and require highest attention.

Human resource management with its diverse needs and requirements is supported by our experts at all times.

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    Acquisition accounting records / debitors and creditors

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    Insurance and personnel administration

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    VAT settlement and other finance-related areas

  • Accounting records, creditors, retirement fund
  • Accounting, payroll accounting, settlement accounting
  • Debitors, insurance, VAT

Office- / Sales-Administration

Work overload and order volume can lead to bottleneck situations within the internal organisation departments, which can be bridged through the use of competent and specialized professionals within the back offices of a company.

To ensure the bridging between the diverse organisational departments and external resources, we are available with specialized and highly trained professionals for interim assignments. Interim appointments are also available. From basic office administration to designated marketing up to product management, 24 ASAP GmbH has these professionals

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    Interim assignments for office, marketing and product management

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    Knowledge retention / Knowledge transfer

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    Support measures

  • Interim assignments in case of illness / accidents / vacations
  • Support assignments in case of shortages or for special projects
  • Relief operations to bridge temporary vacancies
  • Labour shortages