Finance / HR Mgmt.


Gabriela Müller

CFO & Partner

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Financial issues in small and middle-sized companies can often not be dealt within a timely manner for capacity reasons. Trust services offers go beyond the scope of the budget – we have a cost-effective solution.

We support and take on the workload for the desired financial sectors in cooperation with you, such as accounting records, creditors / debitors, payroll accounting / settlement accounting and insurance personnel issues. Whether for the management of your entire financial sector or a part thereof – highly qualified business administrators are at your disposal.

Your staff is your most important asset – coordination, resource planning as well as communication are deciding and require highest attention.

Human resource management with its diverse needs and requirements is supported by our experts at all times.

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    Acquisition accounting records / debitors and creditors

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    Insurance and personnel administration

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    VAT settlement and other finance-related areas

  • Accounting records, creditors, retirement fund
  • Accounting, payroll accounting, settlement accounting
  • Debitors, insurance, VAT