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Jörg Müller

CEO & Partner

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The preparation and implementation of all technical options needed for a successful SAP application landscape is our core competence.

Whether you have a hosting or in-sourcing operation, we stand by with our extensive know-how to suggest improvements and cost savings. The smooth running of the defined processes (according to SLA) are the most important building blocks for the successful use of complex SAP applications.

SAP Solution Manager

Today, the SAP Solution Manager as a central independent element in the SAP landscape includes many different features, which only can be maintained by experts.

The tight integration of the SAP Solution Manager within existing SAP architectures forms the key foundation nowadays. 24 ASAP GmbH offers customized solutions and reduces costs and outlays. Release changes and updates must absolutely be prepared by the SAP Solution Manager, then carried out and maintained afterwards. New features in the SAP Solution Manager will be available or can be developed.

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    Appropriation of MOPZ for release change / upgrade

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    Project support using blueprint concept

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    Integration ticketing system

  • Release changes
  • Upgrades
  • Connecting SAP Walldorf
  • Concepts using blueprint

SAP NetWeaver

The NetWeaver platform is open throughout the entire SAP architecture and includes integrated service-oriented architecture (SOA). Using SAP terminology it’s called Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA) – to connect third-party systems.

This comprehensive product includes individual components which are relevant for a number of business applications, such as ERP process integration, business intelligence, a portal, multiple application servers and other features to support the business applications. SAP NetWeaver is the basis for a number of business applications, which SAP offers and sells.

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    Portal solutions

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    Process integration

  • Preparation of SAP Portal solutions
  • Access protection by defined permissions
  • Guaranteed performance and capacity

SAP Hosting (SLA / SLR)

As a proven hosting partner, 24 ASAP GmbH guarantees comprehensive, secure and high-performance data storage in Switzerland.

The outsourcing of basic operation (such as transport and upgrade management) and the entire application management (including the operation of applications and application support) to the handling of entire business processes (e.g. purchasing and payroll) are offered as outsourcing services with SLA / SLR by 24 ASAP GmbH.

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    Preparation of technical resources

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    Installation and operation according to SLA with SLR

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    Daily monitoring according to the operating manual

  • Datacenter
  • Data storage
  • Swiss security
  • SLA / SLR